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20 Dec Top trends going to impact future of Marketing

These days many are predicting the trends coming next years. There are many questions coming to the mind like What’s next year the trend going to be? What will be new in marketing? All these questions are tried to be answered by me in this article.

Hoping that this article can give marketers an idea about predicting future next big trends which can be useful for their brands and clients.

Some of the trends that will make their impact on marketing are as follows:-

Usage of Mobile Phones: – World nowadays is greatly influenced by the usage of Mobile phones. The evolution of these phones is one of the prime factors which influence the marketing sector. Now smartphones have taken the place of cell phones and tablets is being replaced by the gadgets that are wearable. Generally, people are focusing more on the smaller screens, so any company can make a relationship with their customers with the help of mobiles.

The power of Transparency: – The customers are very well engaged with good brands. More the company or a brand be transparent to their customers more will be the growth and real values of a brand will be out. Customers can be more demanding for transparency, this will be the upcoming trend next year.

Strengthening of Social: – In the upcoming year, the social will be far ahead as it will become the next Internet. It will become a broader discipline of the market. As even this year it was having it’s good impact so obviously next year it will grow more. As social will be on its full-fledge brands will make marketing efforts in social networks.

Visual Content will Rock: – The visual content will be more in trends in the upcoming years. The content which is visual will rule in the online and social marketing. This definitely disrupts the conventional models of marketing. The brands can create amazing visual contents and can be a part of success in coming year.

Content by Users: – Mostly people believe much on user ratings and reviews more than companies as it increases the level of trust. So this will be one of the trends predicted. The content generated by the users will be more preferred on any branded content. So brand should get ready to create a positive impact on their customer’s mind so that the online reviews and the comments on blogs and posts on the social network should be nice and positive.

Conversation with the audience: – It has become important to involve the customers in the brand. This will be in its peaks of coming years. A brand should create a community and should communicate directly with their customers, this will help any brand to build loyalty with their customers. This conversation will help the brand in future for marketing. As it is said that if a customer is happy, they will help in bringing their brand on top and in focus.

Being a product Company: – The brand should be more like a product development company not like a service company as the product company will be innovative and thrive every time new products & values of their customers whereas service companies only aim for making customers happy.

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