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Generate a passive revenue by referring work

Earn 10% to 20% of commission for every referred project

You just away from 3 easy steps which are

  • refer_project

    Refer Project

  • Beautiful Design Callendar

    Check Weekly Status

  • Earn Money Design

    Earn Commission

Be the first one for referring project to us today

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  • No need to make inquiries, you will be updated weekly about the project you refer to us.

  • You Referred On Dated Cost of project % of Commission Work Status
    John 1 April 2015 $12500 15% In Progress
    Mike 18 June 2015 $450 10% 100% left
    Pending Approval 15 July 2015 $4500 10% 75% left

Terms & Conditions

We have laid some terms and conditions which is between the user and Pro tech hub. You should read and accept all the terms and conditions in this agreement.

  • There can be some modifications, additions and deletions in this agreement at any instance of time in future.
  • Referral will be paid the commission amount after the completion of the project.
  • You will be updated weekly about the progress of work.
  • Referral of project can also track the working status of referred project only.
  • Referral’s personal information will not be disclosed with anyone. It will be kept in privacy.
  • All disputes are subject to the jurisdiction of Chandigarh court.
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