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Pro Tech Hub completed its major projects

11 Feb Pro Tech Hub completed its major projects

Pro Tech Hub an IT company has recently completed two major projects. The completion of projects was a huge success to the team. Lots of experience was gained during the phases of the project. New tools and software were used in the process.


Protech team has made best two web applications. The project is described  as follows:-


  • Web application made for brokers who deals in trading. This web application is for forex brokers which deal with trade and compare to succeed. The project was designed and developed by the team. The process came across various challenges which were very well handled by the team. The client was fully satisfied with the application.


  • Web application for job portal. This portal for the job has many features in it. The application gives an update on the mobile phones about latest vacancies available. In this, both private and government vacancies will be displayed. The user will get a quick response and display all the vacancy as there is an auto filter for skills and qualifications.


Learning enhances our creativity and it is believed that a creative mind can beat anything. Protech Hub is aiming to promote and try different ways to get involved in enhancing our learning capacity. These projects successes lead the way towards progress as happy clients are forwarding company more projects.

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