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Every coming year makes a difference in technology and trends. There are many changes or up-gradation of each & every thing. Start a Project -
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12 Jan How Mobile App development will be different in 2016

Mobile Apps came into existence in 2008 since then the App revolution started. As the usage of Smartphones specially iOS & Android has been extended a lot. These are very popular and have wide usage. The people want an ease to access in everything. So apps have made every shopping, services and knowledge handy. There are many apps created of each and every fields and of maximum websites.

Every coming year makes a difference in technology and trends. There are many changes or up-gradation of each & every thing. The number of users is increasing day by day and the experts predicted that in 2016 there can be around or more than 2.14 billions users of smartphones worldwide.

This prediction shows that mobile app development will be trendy in 2016. There are many developments in the mobile app development trends:-
Some of them I will share with you today.

Wearable Technology:- Now the technology will be wearable. Most of the industries are planning to adopt the wearable technology. As Apple has launched its watch. This has benefit that it can boost the company’s or brand’s efficiency as well as productivity. These devices were earlier focused by fitness industries for health care but in 2016 will be utilized by other industries as well. So now the wearable applications will be new trends focused on in 2016.

Security feature:- Many mobile apps fail in security measures and this can be a measure issue for developers in 2016. In 2016 the mobile app security will be main thing to focus on by this the security defects will not be ignored. The apps security has to follow the protocols which can be matter of concern for the developers.

Cloud Driven:- In 2016 the Apps will be cloud driven as the usage of mobile devices have increased to large extend. This technology is also having lots of benefits like apps can be synchronized through smart devices because of cloud computing, size of an app can be made smaller, bandwidth can be managed, etc.

Swift:- It is the programming language which is being designed as an application language & system language. This will be used in 2016 by developers to write codes from the beginning. Swift will be a quick programming language.

Free Apps:- The apps which are free to download will definitely be mostly used instead of paid apps. The usage of free apps will rise in 2016.

Faster App Development:- Companies will focus on faster app development strategies as the competition is getting harder day by day. The main thing to be focus on is to maintain the quality of the apps ll and approaching the App quickly to the market.

These are some of the trends of Mobile Apps that can come forward in 2016.

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