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08 Jan History of Corporate Branding

History of Branding

  • The word “brand” came from the Old Norse “Brandr” which means “To Burn”.
  • It was the practice followed by producers who burns the mark (or brand) onto their products.
  • It has been used long time back which was known as Cattle Branding in which cattle was marked so that identification becomes easy.
  • This all started from 13th century and widely came into existence during Industrial Revolution.


What is a Brand?

  • A brand is global vision of a company.
  • A way of being and of doing things.
  • Brand is every experience & association
  • It is original and functional.
  • It is the way target market recognize you.
  • A Brand represent your promise.
  • Your brand creates recognition.


What Brand is not?

  • Brand is not only a brand’s logo.
  • It’s not something cooked in cabinet meeting.
  • It is not only your company mission statement.
  • It is not a rule book.
  • It’s not just for advertising.
  • It is not the color scheme or the looks of the logo.


Benefits of Branding for a Buyer

  • Identify Marketer
  • Help buyers identify the product that they like or dislike
  • Helps in reducing the time needed for purchase
  • Helps in reducing buyer’s perceived risk of purchase
  • Helps buyers in evaluating quality of products
  • Enhance product recognition
  • Helps Build Brand Loyalty
  • Helps with Product Positioning
  • Builds Brand Equity
  • Aids in Introduction of New Products
  • Lower Marketing Expenses
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