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We are Digital Publishing Company in Mohali. We provide interactive magazines for the app store, google play, native apps & graphic solutions for companies.designs etc.
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Digital Media

Sow your next project here!

We have ability to upbringing that seed which will make a stem of your business.

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Protechhub media to create visual effects

Digital Corporate Presentation

Your business should have an incredible presence in the marketplace. Using current technology tools and communication strategies we make it simple for you to attract, engage and interact with your target audience.

Protechhub offers Digital Presentation to promote your business or services to the potential buyers. Digital Presentation creates visual Impact and attracts users to look and think over it. A professionally designed presentation is an effective way to project the professionalism of organizations. Our Specialization is in Eye-catching Corporate Presentation like Digital Company Profile, Digital Sales Presentation, Multimedia Product Sales and Concept Demos, Annual Reports Highlights, Services Demos etc.

Digital Publishing

The Skill portrait is always changing. You have to develop and keep your teams, clients and partners in sync with the right training and instruction. Old-fashioned printed manuals are not the solution, and scrolling through amounts of PDF documents is not very alluring.

The solution is a Digital Publishing (Web-Based Multimedia Tutorial). When an Instruction Manual is escorted by a fascinating Multimedia Tutorial then your clients, associates and team members will attain a much higher degree of attention and clasp.

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  • Adobe Indesign

Publication Platform:


Digital Publishing /Presentation Portfolio

Have a look on our portfolio of digital presentations we have designed for some of our clients.

What Client Says

Benefits of Branding

Digital presentations are now a surrounded in almost every aspect of our daily lives and can be shared, stored, viewed over and over again.

Voice, Animations and Graphics blend in to make key messages easy to absorb and enable quick reference. These multimedia tutorials can be updated as frequently as you want, so your audience always has fresh and updated information at hand.

This is an effective tool that fast-tracks adoption of new products and concepts. It’s easy to make and maintain. And you can distribute the CBT via the Web, your Corporate Intranet, or in a CDROM or USB Pen Drive. Easy does it.


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    Data Collection

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For Creating Digital Presentation, the first step is to create a storyboard so you can bring your script to life and present it to other people. A storyboard is a series of pointer that show the analysis of the video, illustrating the key acts — how the setting will look, and what actions will take place. It’s frequently used as a mock-up for movie scenes, music videos, television production, and more, and can be created by hand or using a digital media.

Data Collection

Data collection is simply how material and information are gathered. There are various methods of data collection, such as personal visit, mail, and the internet. Depending on the survey design, these methods can be used separately or combined. We do collect all related data from these resources for giving the unique look of client’s presentation. Even Client provides us all data which they have.

Data Collection
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This is the most crucial stage, where thinking gets live in shape. One Business is all about selling — a product, topic or concept. When making a Corporate Presentation and digital publishing, the most important thing is to familiar your material. If you do not know everything about what you are selling, it is not likely that the audience will be buying. Keep your audience focused and interested.

Making effective business presentations takes practice, Our experts are always ready to take on the challenge of unique creation.


After Creation of an interactive presentation, next phase comes off its release. We give proper instruction of how to present and which platform will use to show the digital presentation. The client can use this digital presentation and publishing to any events of its organization.

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