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Responsive Design
08 Apr
Upcoming Trends for Responsive Website

Responsive designs are almost need of every client nowadays. Every client wants a mobile version of their website. Responsive designs have become practically essential as it gives absolute adaptability to any device. New clients need designs for iPhone, Blackberry, iPad, netbook and all screen resolutions...

Pro Tech Hub completed its major projects

Pro Tech Hub an IT company has recently completed two major projects. The completion of projects was a huge success to the team. Lots of experience was gained during the phases of the project. New tools and software were used in the process.   Protech team has...

Mobile Apps Development 2016
12 Jan
How Mobile App development will be different in 2016

Mobile Apps came into existence in 2008 since then the App revolution started. As the usage of Smartphones specially iOS & Android has been extended a lot. These are very popular and have wide usage. The people want an ease to access in everything. So...

History of Branding
08 Jan
History of Corporate Branding

History of Branding The word "brand" came from the Old Norse "Brandr" which means "To Burn". It was the practice followed by producers who burns the mark (or brand) onto their products. It has been used long time back which was known as Cattle Branding...

Digital Marketing 2016
27 Dec
Digital Marketing Formation in 2016

As years have passed there are lots of changes in the way business works. The market is growing there is also the transformation of how businesses interact with their customers. Many new business models have come across so digital marketing experts also have to...

Top trends going to impact future of Marketing
20 Dec
Top trends going to impact future of Marketing

These days many are predicting the trends coming next years. There are many questions coming to the mind like What’s next year the trend going to be? What will be new in marketing? All these questions are tried to be answered by me in...

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